Do you know what Business Network Card (BNC) means?

Business Network Card (BNC)

In the context of blockchain, especially within the Hyperledger Composer framework (a set of collaboration tools for building blockchain business networks), the Business Network Card (BNC) plays an essential role.

Here’s an overview of the Business Network Card:

Definition: A Business Network Card encapsulates all the information required to connect to a particular blockchain business network. This includes credentials for authentication, metadata about the network, and connection details.


  • Identity: The identity under which a connection will be made.
  • Credentials: The cryptographic certificates associated with that identity.
  • Connection Profile: Details on how to connect to a particular blockchain network, which would include addresses of the peers, orderers, and other essential connection points.
  • Metadata: May include the version of the business network, its title, and a description.


  • Access Control: The BNC provides a way to ensure that participants can only access resources and execute transactions that they’re permitted to, based on their identity.
  • Flexibility: Different BNCs can be used to connect to the same business network as different participants, giving flexibility in how organizations interact with the network.
  • Management: Within the Hyperledger Composer, there’s a capability to issue, export, and import these cards, allowing administrators to manage who has access to the blockchain network and under which identity.

Importance: In a blockchain business network, security, transparency, and traceability are paramount. BNCs ensure that every transaction can be traced back to a known identity, and only authorized individuals or entities can perform actions on the network.

Limitation: As blockchain technologies evolve and Hyperledger tools like Composer are deprecated or transitioned into newer tools and frameworks, the terminology and concepts related to Business Network Cards might become outdated or get integrated differently. Always ensure to refer to the documentation of the specific blockchain framework you’re working with.

In summary, a Business Network Card acts as an “access card,” allowing users or entities to interact with a specific blockchain business network, encapsulating their identity, credentials, and other essential details for the connection.

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